Male Underwear Fabrics

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Male underwear is more fashionable than ever, with numerous models on the market. The diversity comes not only in a wide variety of models, but also in many fabrics. Colours, models are important, but fabrics are as well.


Here are some of the fabrics that male underwear is made from:

Combed cotton
refers to the cotton in which some special tools remove the short fibers and any debris left from the plant. The result will be more uniform, lustrous and cleaner yarn.

Cotton lisle
is a two ply cotton yarn made from long staple fibers and fuzzy ends and it will provide a smooth finish. It’s ideal for men’s socks and knitwear.


Coolmax is a polyester fiber that moves moisture away from the body and out onto the surface of the garment for quick absorption. Thus, the wearer feels comfortable. This type of fabric dries fast, resists fading and doesn’t shrink and wrinkle. Due to the movement of moisture, wearing such a fabric indoors where there’s no airflow to evaporate can cause puddling. Coolmax is best for outdoors as there is enough airflow to evaporate body moisture.


Egyptian cotton is one of the best types of cotton in the world.

Elastane is actually another name for spandex.

Ecosil polyester are compact fibers that give the fabric a very clean appearance and make it resistant to abrasion and pilling.

Latex is made from rubber and has rubber-like qualities, providing great elasticity. Nonetheless, it breaks easily when exposed to sun and body moisture. For people suffering from latex allergies, spandex is the best alternative.

Mercerized cotton
refers to cotton in which a wet finishing process that swells the yarns of the fabric, having a smooth surface. The result is a more lustrous and stronger yarn that is easily dyed, with deeper and brighter colours.


Microfiber means that the filaments of the fabric are very fine, even finer than silk. Such a fabric is light-weight, looks and feel luxurious. It also prevents moisture from passing through, but allows air flow.

When you choose male underwear items, knowing the basic things about several fabrics will help you choose what is best for you and what makes you feel comfortable.

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