Male underwear types
1) Long Johns: usually being made from thermal material, long johns are a kind of underwear used in cold winter days to keep warmth.
2) Jock Strap: this kind of underwear has a more protective character than to keep warmth. Sports men usually wear those under uniforms in order to protect the genital area from shocks and injuries.
Present male underwear has been divided into 2 main types that are frequently used depending on preferences:
3) Boxers: represented by an elastic waistband and leg sections extended to mid-thigh; this type of male lingerie is the most preferred by men all over the world because it is loose and breathable. There are also boxers with leg sections that are designed to stay fit on the thigh and accentuating on male’s forms.
4) Briefs: classified by very short leg sections that end near groin and are the second most used type of male under wear. Another representative of briefs are Strings: a kind of underwear that express truly minimalism of its owner.